Adult Treatment Options

 It's Never Too Late for a Great Smile.

Discovering that you need braces or other orthodontic treatment may be frightening or embarrassing. Helping patients to overcome such anxieties, Dr. Steven T. Jung has been recognized by the American Dental Association as a specialist in orthodontics for children and adults.

Orthodontics isn't just for straightening teeth. When you improve your smile, you rejuvenate your entire appearance. It's true that orthodontics can even make you look younger and healthier! Smaller metal or clear braces have made it much easier, and more common, for adults to have orthodontic treatment. And now with the advent of Invisalign and Clear Correct, increasing numbers of adults are turning to clear aligners (invisible braces) to straighten their teeth and get the smiles they always wanted.

If you're not happy with your smile, now there's something you can do about it. Many people have never had orthodontic treatment before and decide that it's about time. Sometimes people who had braces earlier in life find that their teeth have shifted over the years and could use a refinement. Adults of all ages and backgrounds are getting the smiles of their dreams with Dr. Jung.

Dr. Jung treats many adult patients. You won't feel like you are the only adult patient in our office, or feel talked down to. Our waiting room doesn't have Disney theme or arcade games. It's a place people of all ages can watch TV, use our Wi-Fi, and feel comfortable, welcome, and at home.

Here's what to expect at your first appointment with Dr. Jung:

We'll ask you for the health questionnaire forms you filled out online. You can find them here. If you didn't fill them out, we'll give you another copy.

We'll get your insurance information (if we didn't get it before).

Then we'll take X-rays and photos of your teeth.

Dr. Jung will meet with you to ask a few questions. He will review the X-rays and the pictures, and take a brief look inside your mouth. Everything is done without instruments and is totally pain-free. Dr. Jung discusses the problems, the different options for correcting the issues, if you are a candidate for Invisalign®, the best time to start treatment, and how long treatment will last. He is really good at explaining things, but you'll have plenty of time to ask him any questions.

The financial coordinator explains your financial options and works with you to make a plan to help you cover the cost of treatment. Our financial coordinator prides herself in providing patients with a variety of customized treatment options. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different - but we want everyone to be able to start treatment. We offer a paid in full discount, as well as third party financing with no interest and zero down, and in-office financing with no interest and a small down payment. In fact, our down payments are among the lowest around. We're flexible and will work with you to do what it takes so that you can get the smile you want. If you want, we can begin treatment right away.


The whole consultation process is designed to be as comfortable and as easy as possible. It's a chance for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you and welcome you to our office, where we hope you will become a part of our family, too.

Dr. Jung and the entire team enjoy answering questions, so ask all you want - we promise to give you honest, straight-up answers.

You can be sure that everything we do in creating your specialized treatment plan is bringing you one step closer to a perfect smile.

So what are you waiting for? Come over to our office to find out how you can get an amazing, beautiful smile.